What is condom?The history of condoms and condom circumstances in India.Use different types of condoms.

What is condom?

What is condom?

Condom is a best,easiest and cheapest method of contraception.Condom is available for the both,male and female.A male condom is a thin sheet made by latex rubber that is wore by men on the penis.The thin sheet of rubber makes a barrier wall over the penis and restrict the semen to enter the vagina.This is the safest contraception method.Condom help you to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STD's(sexually transmitted infection.)disease.Men unroll the condom on the penis o the penis's base.Condoms gives you best result.According to the latest study,the positive result of condoms is up to 95% if you put it on the correct way. Otherwise up to 93%.

Condoms also known as"rubber" or "prophylactic"because it is made by rubber and prophylactic.The correct time to put on the condom is before having the sexual intercourse.Some men put on condom just before the ejaculation,it might spoil your moment or effect the contraception too.So it is better to put on at the time of foreplay.Men can use sex lubricants with the condom and with sm toys.

Various types of current condoms

Various types of current condoms

Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms:

It is new in condom market.It light for the 30 seconds.It is usually non-toxic and made in three layers. It is fun surprise for your partner.

Flavoured Condoms:

With the increase in condoms, company will added new flavoured. Find your partner's favourite flavoured from the flavors like mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola.

Studded or Textured Condoms:

Such condoms are ribbed so added extra pleasure in the sexual intercourse for the women as well as for the men. The rigid texture is pleasurable.

Warming Condoms:

Warming condoms tend to be made of thinner latex to help heighten sensation. It is new and add warmness in the act.

Cooling Condoms:

Same like warming condoms, but it add cooling effect in the sexual intercourse. So couples can enjoy the sex for the longer period of time.

Edible condoms:

These condom is rolled on, and then can be eaten off. Remember such condoms are used for the oral sex (on the penis, vibrators , dildo, anal toys or penis toys ), not for the any type of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

The history of condom

The history of condom

Condom sex toys history

It has been used for the last 11th century. Scientist found the wall painting in the 11,000 B.C that represent the condoms. It is first time when condom came around. During 1,000 B.C., ancient Egypt peoples use linen sheath around the penis for the protection from the insects and disease. Chinese and Japanese also wrap the penis to prevent infection. The first condom is used in the 1400s that cover only the glans(head of penis). Such condom known as glans condoms. In 1500s, condom became the public figure as sex toys India to prevent the spread of syphilis. 1500 condoms is used against STIs. As day gone on, more public aware of condom and its use. In the 18th century, Condom get better known in the public but in the negative view. St the same time, rubber condom are invented. In 1900s , the condoms is distributed in the world war army to prevent the SIDs. In the 20 century, first condom company formed and condoms became a common household term. Sex education is also incorporates in the peoples. So still today, condom going through various stages, shape for the better result.

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