What is Masturbations?, What are males masturbators?, how to use males masturbation toy?

What is Masturbations?

 What is Masturbations?

When we are touch our sexual part then we are feeling good and pleasure. Then you want that continuously touch this part. After that, your mind is out of control and we are rubbing the penis very fast. And rapidly increasing the speed of the rubbing and we are feel the maximum pleasure by this process. When we are on our pick time of pleasure then the sperm of our penis is removed from the penis toy . that feeling is very pleasure full for the males and this process is known as masturbation. This is very natural and pleasure full process. Masturbation process gives the mind freshness feeling. Females also do the masturbation process. Some peoples are thinking that women's are don't this process. Yes, friends, it is true females are also the do the process of masturbation. Now another question is a strike in your mind that females do not have a penis then why do masturbate. Now I will clear that women's are how do masturbate? women's do this process in another way.

Male are feel that the penis of his going in women's holes that feeling give the pleasure to males. Women's are using the finger and other equipment for masturbations. Women's think that penis going in the vagina. These feelings are given the pleasure to female. This process is called masturbation for women's. Masturbation is the replacement of the sex. Yes, friends, it's true. We have known that hunger and house is the basic need of the peoples. And sex is also a basic need for humans. Some countries make a rule for sex. masturbation doing when that time you no yours opposite gender. Then they are completing the sex by the masturbations. Now the day by day many types of equipment come in the market for the masturbations. These types of equipment are called masturbator. These masturbators are now available in various types. Masturbator for males and masturbator for the women's these are given the pleasure to humans and now you can by the sex doll which very similar to females so the future of these toys is bright. Now we are discussing the male and females masturbators these classifications shown now. Females use the dildo for masturbation.

What are males masturbators?

What are males masturbators?

Toys which help the males in masturbations process these toys are called males masturbators these come in many types. These toys stimulate the males and give sexual pleasure to males so these toys are used by the males. When males are alone then they use the masturbator for physical satisfaction. These toys come in women's holes shapes which are given the feelings of the women's holes and males are take feelings of the women's to get the satisfactions by the masturbators now I will tell you some common types of the vibrators.

Blowjob masturbator

These types of masturbator give the feelings of the mouth. When you are inert the penis in this toy. you feel that your penis is going in the female's mouth. Shapes of this masturbator are very similar to a females mouth. These toys have tongue, lips, teeth, so these are given the mouth feeling to users.


Fleshlight is one of the most famous males masturbator for males. these fleshlights come in various shapes and sizes. These fleshlights are available in the pussy, vagina, anal, mouth peoples are select these fleshlights according to his requirement. These are very similar to females holes so these are very popular in the market. Even the noses of this fleshlight are similar to women's noses. so these are given the maximum pleasure to the user. These features are becoming very popular in the market. So peoples love fleshlights. sex lubricants is very important for the masturbation

Handheld masturbator

these toys make in this manner that males use the hand for the pleasure. These shapes are also various types. Males insert the penis in the hole and use the hand for moving it backward and upward directions. These processes stimulate the males and then they are getting sex pleasure by the use of this toy. we can wear the cock ring for the stamina.

Hand free masturbators

these toys are hand free so these are mare comfortable for the user. Generally, these are big. Hand-free masturbators are very useful. These toys have parts of the women's. These are anal, vagina, mouth, boobs. W can say that these are small 2 parts of the women's body. So peoples are choosing the toy according to his need. So these are very popular in these categories.

how to use males masturbation toy?

how to use males masturbation toy?

Many types of toys are available in the market for the male's masturbation. But how to use these toys is one of the most famous questions of the users. So now I will tell about this questions first we are selecting a toy. the first step of using a sex toy is that. Cleaning yes friends before the use we are clean the toys according to which process suits the toy. after the cleaning, we are making an environment for using the toy. now we are using the lubricant. Lubricant plays an important role in sex. Which can be masturbation or sex. We are applying lubricant on the toy. and also applying on the penis. And finally, insert the penis in the hole of the toys. Feel the feelings of the real vagina, anal, mouth. The toys are completely satisfied with you. and you feel the pleasure of the sex by the use of these toys. We can wear the condom for safety.

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