what is sex doll?, Types of sex toys?, Realistic sex doll?

what is sex doll?

 Types of sex doll?

Sex doll is the male masturbator toy. now the this is a very popular males sex toy. and males are love this toy very much. This toy gives pleasure as closer to real sex. This toy gives the maximum pleasure as compare to fleshlight . When we are using masturbator or fleshlight then we are fixing the toy with the wall, bad, and many other ways. But the sex doll is advanced as compared to these toys. You can feel the pleasure closer to sectional sex with the sex dolls. Male are use the masturbator then they miss the women’s body felling. But now the use of a sex doll they feel the feelings of real women’s body. Peoples use the different masturbators but don’t feel the mental satisfaction bay use this. But the sex doll provides the physical and mental both satisfactions so peoples are love this doll. Because of this toy similar to real women and doll. These dolls have come different 2 types and also the peoples want a different kind of sex. This the very popular categories of the dolls. For the satisfactions, there are available dolls are sex dolls realistic, titty dolls, and anal or as toys, etc. Now I will tell you one big advantage of the sex doll. These dolls are available in different 2 part because peoples love the different2 part of the body. Some like anal, and some like vagina. These are the just example of the parts. But actually different2 part has a doll. These toys available in mini sizes as anal, boobs, and some dolls are available as a full body of women’s. Titty sex doll and ass sex give the real pleasure of the women’s. But now I tell you these give you the pleasure of a single part of the women’s body but realistic doll gives you hall body pleasure. Now we discussing the type s of the sex dolls. For the fun we can us the dildo toy toy in the sex doll. So let's start now.

Types of sex doll?

Types of sex doll?

Sex dolls come in markets various types. These make various part of the women’s Body. So every one selects a sex doll according to his need of the user. these sex dolls give the real pleasure to the user. so let's come on the topic. The most common types of sex doll are air sex doll, pillow, realistic, ass, titty we can use another sex toys with sex doll.

Pillow types dolls

Pillow sex doll is part of the sex dolls. These sex dolls are used in masturbation by the males. This sex doll is similar to a pillow. The shape of this doll is similar to a pillow. And we have known that males use the pillow when they are alone. Males use the pillow in the room as a women’s. Males are express their feelings on the pillow. Now you think about the pleasure of the pillow. And we are providing the pillow sex doll. This sex doll gives the maximum pleasure as compared to our regular pillow. Its true friends yes. Materials of this pillow are very sensitive which is give the feelings of the female's body. These sex dolls are no absolutely like a real women’s. They have a hole which is providing for the masturbation. Males have inserted the penis in the hole and take the feelings of his imagine hole and masturbate with them this toy. These bodies are made by the very similar materials of the body. Silicon is used here for the manufacturing of the sex doll. This sex doll is for these peoples which are not satisfied by the regular masturbation. These peoples are taking this toy for the new experience of the masturbations and they feel the romance with this sex doll. They are using the waist for the masturbation. Peoples use the waist when they are this toy. so this toy gives the maximum pleasure as compare to regular hand masturbation. So peoples are like this toy. and always using sex lubricantswith toys.

Ass sex doll

Ass sex doll another type of sex dolls. These sex dolls are made for the ass lover .peoples which love the anal then this ass sex doll full fill the desire these peoples. Actually, this sex doll is made in the shapes of the ass. So its provide the feelings of ass. And many peoples love anal sex. This sex doll has a butt similar to women’s. These butts are attracting males because this part is a very sensitive part of the women’s body. Peoples are general comments on the butt of the women’s because they are like the butt of the women’s. Peoples have put this sex doll anywhere like flour, wall, bed, etc. And take the pleasure of the as sex by this sex doll. These sex dolls are made by very similar materials of the human's body. And also the color of this toy is similar to humans body color. So this toy is popular in the anal or ass lovers. We can take the use cock ring for the increasing your performance.

Air sex dolls

The air sex doll you have known about this if your answer is no don’t worry I will tell you about this toy doll. Its is a doll and the size of this doll adjustable. we can insert the air in the doll and make it as a real female. And get the complete satisfaction by this toy. its provide much pleasure as a real female. After that, we are removing the air from this toy. and we can stay this toy out of reach to another person and use this when we feel need this toy. we can wear the condom for safety purpose. so this toy provides me satisfaction and safety to another person. This toy is very useful for users.

Realistic sex doll?

Realistic sex doll?

Realistic sex doll

Now I will tell you about a very popular sex doll. This sex doll is very popular interesting sex doll for the users. Because this sex doll has many various features and very useful to for the users so peoples are like this sex doll. The name of this sex tells him some information’s about it. This sex doll totally looking like a real woman or doll. The shapes and size are also very similar to a sex doll. These feature of this sex became it very popular in the sex toy market. We can use the sex doll as anal toy with using his mouth. sex toys india provide these toys very safely and rapidly.

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