What is sex lubricants? Its history and application,latest lubricant.Make sex pleasure smooth by using lube.

What is sex lubricants?

What is sex lubricants?

Lubricant is a viscous material that is used to have flexibility in any work. Sex lubricant is generally used to get flexibility while having intercourse. If consider for male users, they use lubricant on their penis to insert their penis into vagina hassle free. Lubricant avoids rigidness while penetration and offers best experience of sex in couple's life. If consider for female users, they use lubricant on their vagina to insert penis easily without any rigidness. Lubricant reduces friction and offers comfortable as well as enjoyable intercourse for females. Lubricants help user a lot not only for intercourse even it also helps to have masturbation or in solo play.

Lubricants are very useful for women when they feel dryness in their vagina. It provides enough moisture into vagina and plays best role before having sex by females. Males may coat the lubricant on their penis for masturbation that will reduce inflammation on penis. It becomes advisable for users that not to use it so much else it may give some allergic reactions on body skin. Lubricant is safer to use with any sex toys like anal toy, dildo, penis toy, vibrators, sm toys with condom or without condoms.

Latest sex lubricants

Latest sex lubricants

Lubricants came in a liquid and gel form so users may prefer as per their preference. Lubricants are classified as -

Silicone Based Lubricants

Silicone based lubricants are most commonly used by users especially by females. Sometimes it should be mandatory to wash lubricant after sex because it may hurt skin of females. Silicone based lubricants came in several flavors and also in colors so users may get it according to their choice. These lubricants are also available with glycerin.

Oil Based Lubricants

Oil based lubricants contain several kind of oils that should be used with proper precaution. These lubricants should be used with less quantity because it may give some allergic reactions on skin. It is advisable that not to use this lubricant with latex condom because it may weaken latex and in result condom may break or leak. If condom leaks or breaks then probably it may leads to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) or may leads to unplanned pregnancy. So avoid to use with latex condoms.

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are cheaper in cost and easily may find in market or shop. It becomes easy to wash water based lubricants from skin. Water based lubricants are easy to apply on vagina that gives enough moisture on it. To maintain moisture, it is essential to reapply while having sex because it is not last longer for use. It is also available with glycerin.

Petroleum Based Lubricants

Petroleum based lubricants are made by petroleum jelly or some other kinds of oil. It may be flammable in nature on skin so it is essential to use it after consultation of doctor. Sometimes these lubricants are expensive in cost so users may have other choices in place of it.

History of sex lubricants. Old sex lubricants

History of sex lubricants. Old sex lubricants

Lubricants are taking in using for sex by males and females from the primitive time and had a good history in india and other countries. Olive oil was formerly used by people with leather or wood made sex products. Mashed yams was also used in ancient times but it was more popular in Chinese people where they use it with animal intestine condoms. After that silicone based lubricants then petroleum jelly or Vaseline is taking in use. Now in present day lube shooter is also taking in use.

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